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What exactly is Open Streets TO?


Open Streets TO is a program that temporarily opens some of Toronto's most iconic streets to people by closing them to cars for a few hours on a regular basis. Temporarily closing sections of roads to cars effectively transforms streets into long, paved parks.


How is it different from Taste of Italy, Taste of the Danforth, or other street festivals?


The Open Streets event we want to see in Toronto is different from other festivals in that it occurs frequently and regularly and is focused on exercise, rather than entertainment.  There are no food stalls or tent vendors so all purchases that happen at Open Streets TO support local businesses along the route. 


What are the benefits of Open Streets TO?


  1. It’s fun!

  2. It’s a chance to meet others, be physically active, and have new experiences without leaving the city

  3. It promotes healthier living by making exercise a part of a weekly lifestyle

  4. It spotlights neighbourhoods and streets, benefitting local businesses and showing off different areas of the city


Isn't it unfair to cars?


For Open Streets TO to work in Toronto, it will have to be fair and considerate of everyone. Impact on traffic can be mitigated by (1) choosing the right streets, (2) accommodating local drivers, (3) "soft closing" major intersections and (4) effective communication. We want to see impact on traffic minimized so the event can be as successful as possible.

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