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My Business & Open Streets TO


What can merchants expect from Open Streets TO?

Open Streets programs have proven to be good for business.  For example, the Open Streets program in Los Angeles called ‘CicLAvia’ drew more than 100,000 participants.  Most merchants along the CicLAvia route have been pleased to see an increase in business during and after the event. Open Streets TO will give local merchants the opportunity to reach out to new customers from across the city.

How will Open Streets TO affect driving to and from my business?

If your home or business is on the Open Streets TO route, you will have to park your car elsewhere before the event. The event will block all driveways and on street parking on the route. Cars parked on the street on an Open Streets TO day will be towed, and no cars will be allowed to enter or exit the route during the event hours. We expect to have the streets open to cars within a 1/2 hour of the end of Open Streets TO.

What does Open Streets TO mean for my business?

Many businesses will benefit tremendously from Open Streets TO. We anticipate stronger than average sales for many businesses, with thousands of potential customers passing by open storefronts throughout the day. We encourage you to participate, even if it’s just by greeting people who pass by your front door. This is a great opportunity to reach a new customer base.

Did you know...

Studies show that businesses that are simply open during Open Streets programs can see a 10% increase in revenue compared to regular business days.  Greater increases, up to 57%, have been seen when businesses actively engage with participants. (Read more about this study here.)   



Photo cred: Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA

As a business, how can I make the most of

Open Streets TO?


Plan on being open on Open Streets TO program dates

(Sunday August 16th and Sunday September 6th, 9 am -1 pm) 


If you have permission from the City of Toronto to use the

sidewalk in front of your business and have the appropriate

municipal permit, bring some activity outside, such as product

demonstrations, music or seating. (Please note: Open Streets TO

does not have a sidewalk sale permit or a boulevard marketing

permit. The street must remain passable by emergency vehicles.

ABSOLUTELY NO tables/chairs/etc. are allowed in the street.)


Advertise your business before the event. If you’re offering an Open Streets TO special, let us know (as early as possible) and we can help promote it via social media.


Help get the word out in advance. Connect with us on social media. Put up an Open Streets TO flyer. Give flyers to your customers. Contact us and we’ll email you a link to a flyer to download.


Be creative! Give out free balloons or blow bubbles - anything to engage participants.

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